ARTCLUB is home to Heidi's creative world where both her art & fashion sit side by side. There is a natural dialogue between these two mediums, where both masculine & feminine energies are at play. Strong modernist shapes sit amongst a muted palette.

“ARTCLUB was born out of a quest for my ideal creative platform, to house the things I love: painting, designing fashion, curating vintage & collaborating with creative people of shared values” , says Middleton. “Most of all, it was created from a desire to make things of beauty with purpose and meaning, that will endure the test of time.” 

In 2019 Heidi was awarded a Member of The Order of Australia for her contribution to the Australian Fashion Industry and her charity work. 

"This life is magnificently fleeting,
bursting with wonder &
intrigue & beauty, 
so hurry to be slow, 
to give,
but most of all to love".