ARTCLUB was born from a desire to make things of beauty, with purpose & meaning.

Heidi Middleton

ARTCLUB is rule resistant. Except for one. Be love.

ARTCLUB is everything I love about the creative process.

All that I don't love, I have left behind. 

(Sorry, not sorry). 

Our styles are unique & limited in numbers

Our garments are made using luxury remnant fabric, where each piece is bespoke, numbered & signed by the maker. 

In a world that is locked in a race against itself, it feels right to slow things down, breathe, appreciate and share.  

We celebrate local production, slow fashion, protecting our planet, using remnant fabric, creative innovation, sustainability, circular processes, upcycling. 

We are acutely aware that the Earth’s resources are finite.

The current state of the fashion industry is no longer tenable. 

ARTCLUB proposes an alternative vision, by disrupting the standard linear fashion process. We are working  to create new pathways towards a circular fashion industry.

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